WROCLAW - BERLIN. European Neighbours

Goethe Institute Pop-Up Pavilion

Goethe-Institut, Pop-Up Pavillon ©schnellebuntebilder

Goethe-Institut, Pop Up Pavillon ©schnellebuntebilder

In the literal sense, the Goethe Institute’s Pop-Up Pavilion is a 7x3x3m event container made of glass that will stand on Plac Nowy Targ in Wroclaw from April to July 2016. In the figurative sense, the pavilion is a prism, a mirror and a lens in which unusual ideas and artistic initiatives will be brought together, reflected and put on display. The interdisciplinary project is part of the official programme underway to celebrate Wroclaw’s tenure as European Capital of Culture 2016.

The Pop-Up Pavilion lays claim to urban space and invites visitors to reflect in various ways on the past, present and future of the City of Wroclaw. Regular exhibitions, concerts, encounters, performances and artistic installations will take place in the pavilion from April to July. All events will be free of charge.

© Goethe Institut Krakau

© Goethe Institut Krakau

Three “theme weekends” will focus on the connection between history, migration and identity and also reflect contemporary urban utopias and playful approaches. The Goethe Institute Pop-Up Pavilion will no doubt enliven the historical city centre of Wroclaw – the Plac Nowy Targ – in unexpected ways and also encourage visitors to explore and participate. For three months, the pavilion will form an organic part of Wroclaw, thus entering into a dialogue and developing a new narrative of the city together with inhabitants and guests from all over the world.

The participation of German, Polish and international artists will also grant the initiative a deeper European context. At the same time, the Pop-Up Pavilion will allow the Goethe Institute and its partners to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the German-Polish Border Treaty. Click here to see the programme …

The Goethe Institute Pop-Up Pavilion is an initiative launched by the Goethe Institute Krakow to mark Wroclaw’s tenure as 2016 European Capital of Culture as well as the cultural celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of the German-Polish Border Treaty. Among the partners and supporters of the Pop-Up Pavilion are the German Foreign Office, the WRO Art Center, Wroclaw University, the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation and the initiative known as “Wroclaw-Berlin. European Neighbours 2016”.




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Detailed information about the programme at goethe.de/popup2016 or facebook.com/PopUpPavillon