WROCLAW - BERLIN. European Neighbours


Live Concert: KAGYUMA and Martin Haller

Martin Haller Foto: Maxim Abrossimow

Martin Haller Foto: Maxim Abrossimow

LUNETA connects Wroclaw and Berlin and thus also Poland and Germany. Wroclaw’s “German Social-Cultural Society” is deeply involved in developing cultural bridges between the two countries, which is why they are delighted to be able to bring together musicians from both countries for a concert in LUNETA.

In his pop-savvy German-language songs, Martin Haller combines hip-hop elements with electronic music and soul, and at this event he will meet the Wroclaw a capella group Kagyuma, whose arrangements truly get the Polish language flowing.

Kagyuma © Gabo Pe Ru

Kagyuma © Gabo Pe Ru

In cooperation with the German Social-Cultural Society in Wroclaw (Niemieckie Towarzystwo Kulturalno-Społeczne we Wrocławiu) and the Institute for Foreign Relations.





Wrocław 14 °C
Berlin 15 °C




6 - 8pm


Berlin: Friedrichstraße Train Station, Dorothea-Schlegel Square

Wroclaw: at Central Station