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KILLING POPES / LXMP i 67.5 Minut Projekt

Killing Popes

Killing Popes © In Between Festivals

Killing Popes: a band lead by masterminds Oliver Steidle on drums and Petter Eldh on bass. Both are highly profiled and one of the most wanted younger musicians on the international Jazzscene. Petter Eldh plays with Django Bates, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Marius Neset or together with Christian Lillinger, Wanja Slavin and Peter Evans with Amok Amor. Oliver Steidle won the Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis twice in 2006 and 2008 and has been known for his work with Der Rote Bereich, Aki Takase, Peter Brötzmann, Soko Steidle or Louis Sclavis. Both are connected through their passion for rhythmically orientated Music: Petter comes from Hip Hop music and Oliver listened to Grind Core and Punk when he was young. Music styles with a great socially critical character and ambition, like Jazz in its best days. Based on this, their music offers everything what Jazz is in our days: complex rhythms, with unexpected hooklines and space for improvisation. The music itself also presents a statement against hierarchic structures as apparent in the bandname.

Kalle Kalima won the Neuer deutscher Jazzpreis in 2010 with his band Klima Kalima. He also won the Finnish Jazz Echo in 2012. His musical flexibility is evident through his compositions for Big Bands, smaller Ensembles in Jazz or Neue Musik. He is leading his own Bands like Johnny Lamarama, Kuu, Tenors of Kalma or Kalle Kalima’s Long winding Road. Kit Downes from London won the BBC Jazz Award in 2008 and was nominated for Rising Star in Downbeat magazin 2013. E He worked together with Courtney Pine, Django Bates, Julian Arguelles, Squarepusher and composed for the Royal Festival Hall Organ. He is leading his high respected bands Troyka, Enemy and Accoustic Ladyland.

Together they are the Killing Popes and the media regards them as one of the most important new acts of the international avantgarde Scene: „ Like almost no other band they create great moments in their compositions and improvisations. Everything is played „in your face“ with unison melodies that lash out at you and a rhythmical presence that speaks for itself (Thomas Milz / The Wire).

bass, composition: Petter Eldh
drums, composition: Oli Steidle
Kalle Kalima
Kit Downes

Tickets: 20 PLN

In Between Festivals is a project of Mica Moca project berlin e.V.


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