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In Between Festivals


Olaf Rupp

Olaf Rupp Solo In Between Festivals, © Olaf Rupp

Olaf Rupp  plays improvised music on the acoustic and electric guitar. The organic flow of his music is controlled neither by chance nor by dominant, wilful decisions. In his music he explores how more or less dense murmurations of notes (motion-clusters) can be perceived as one agglomerated sound in motion. This means that every note is a dot in a higher matrix and its colour is more important than the position of that note in any hierarchic classification system. So a sequence of notes creates a moving sound, not a melody. And the intrinsic colour of every note is more important than the melodic or harmonic burden which the listener may or may not put on it.


Gulf of Berlin © Dieter-Düvelmeyer

Gulf of Berlin © Dieter-Düvelmeyer

The Berliner band Gulf of Berlin accompanied the evening with jazz.

“None of us grew up in New Orleans, New York City or Chicago, the places where jazz and free jazz originated. No, we all come from different parts of Germany, bringing our various backgrounds and influences into this band. We play our concerts without any set parameters or agreements, in other words totally free and without a net. Of course that isn´t anything new; that has been done for thousands of years. But it also happens to be the music of the 2010s: Free improvisation as a counterpoint to the controlled digital world. Fortunately, there is Berlin (where we live), a city where for some time now this art form is not only being kept alive, but also pursued with an unbelievably new and independent „German-European“ style.”  (G.O.B. about their music.)

tenorsaxophone, bassclarinet: Gebhard Ullmann
sousaphon, trombone: Gerhard  Gschlößl
bass, cello:Johannes Fink
drums: Jan Leipnitz

Tickets: 10/15/20 PLN

In Between Festivals is a project of Mica Moca project berlin e.V.









Wrocław 15 °C
Berlin 17 °C






Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych

Działkowa 15
50-538 Wrocław


InBetween Festivals 2016