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Maria F. Scaroni “Display” © In Between Festivals

Maria F. Scaroni “Display” © In Between Festivals

The Italian dancer Maria F. Scaroni is moving through the complex network of learning and making dances since 1996. Scaroni’s works focus on the process of collaboration, play with experiences and are featured by a crossbreeding between performance, choreography and installation.

Display attempts a reflection upon the ambition of the dancer body to integrate modes of knowledge making, merging a methodological and linear approach with an experiential, perceptual, radial way of proceeding via a ‘carnivalesque’ embodied discourse. It reflects upon the (female and dancer) body’s nuances of exposure, in a present state of becoming, weaving its lineages in this time where performance art and dance collide and move awkwardly forward. Plus necessary narcissism, healing work, an ignorant approach to creation and the unattainable distancing of life from art making.

choreography and dance: Maria Francesca Scaroni

costume: Peter Pleyer
vocal training and composition: Alessio Castellacci

Karol Tyminski “This Is A Musical” © In Between Festivals, Foto: Marta Ankiersztejn

Karol Tyminski “This Is A Musical” © In Between Festivals, Foto Marta Ankiersztejn

Karol Tymiński also performs in a cross-genre way. In his latest work “This is a musical,” the production of a visceral discordant and deeply queer electronic fantasy is built with a labouring body. Tyminski’s body is an instrument that produces a chain of samples, the electronic musical he weaves comes into being through a brutal choreography, the musical becomes a layered archive of the body’s pain, desire, and sheer joy. This is a composition of spliced time, where the history of the body’s desire that unfolds in space before the viewer continues to sing and mutate with strange resonance. The performer oscillates between tenderness and brutalism, creating a beat scape that evolves towards a massive trance like possibility space of madness and pleasure. This borderline body on stage is in rapture, he is the keeper of a threshold, he is methodically edging the audience in the direction of the ecstatic.

choreography: Karol Tymiński
Lichtregie: Jan Cybis

Tickets: 20 PLN

In Between Festivals is a project of Mica Moca project berlin e.V.





Wrocław 15 °C
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InBetween Festivals 2016