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Magdalena Jedra „Le Pas Jaques”

Le Pas Jaques © Maciek Salamon

Le Pas Jaques © Maciek Salamon

The movement and the rythm were the very first metaphors of the passing time and at the same time the starting point of my work. A solo was created – from an illusion of time being faster than ever, sadness because of the fact that all human affairs are immersed in entropy, things that seem to be alright only for a short moment of certainty, events which couldn’t be predicted and consequences coming of them. Colourful trash, second-hand news, expressways, marshal’s grin, all that may just be seen in the photograph some day.

Premiere: 3 December 2011, Gdansk
Concept, choreography, performance: Magda Jedr
Cooperation: Anita Wach, Mariusz Krawczyk
Music: collage
Production: Good Gir Killer


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Berlin 17 °C






Bar Barbara
ul. Świdnicka 8c
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