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FIELD plays compositions written by its leader Uli Kempendorff, who draws from a whole variety of musical influences and inspirations.

more Field by Manon Kahle © Manon Kahle

more FIELD by Manon Kahle © Manon Kahle

With Ronny Graupe on the guitar, Jonas Westergaard on the bass and Oliver Steidle on the drums, FIELD brings together some of the most interesting musicians of the German scene and has become a tightly knit group through many concerts and two records over the course of four years.


FIELD Cafplus © shot Manon Kahle

FIELD Cafplus © shot Manon Kahle

There is no grand concept behind the songs – in the course of a concert or even a song the group will oscillate between deep concentration and frolicking like a pack of young dogs on the loose.

The band manages to capture the energy of Berlin’s vibrant jazz scene and projects it with a vibe that has humor and sincerity, freshness and intensity.

FIELD’s current record “Heal The Rich” was released on WhyPlayJazz in April 2016.


Uli Kempendorff – Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Ronny Graupe – Guitar
Jonas Westergaard – Bass
Oliver Steidle – Drums


Tickets: 15 zł / 20 zł

In Between Festivals is a project of Mica Moca project berlin e.V.



Wrocław 15 °C
Berlin 17 °C




8 pm


HART – Hostel & Art
Ludwika Rydygiera 25a


InBetween Festivals 2016