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Club Night Wroclaw

To celebrate Wroclaw’s tenure as European Capital of Culture 2016, Clubcommission Berlin e.V. is organising “Club Nights” in Berlin and Wroclaw.

bnacht Foto Fila Padlewska

Foto: Fila Padlewska
© Clubcomission Berlin e.V.

Artists and fans of electronic music, Nu Beats and the Nu Jazz scene will meet during the day at workshops and get-togethers and then dive at night into the clubs of Berlin and Wroclaw.

Berlin: Tresor, Gretchen, among others, 21./22.05.


Wrocław 15 °C
Berlin 17 °C


28.05./ 29.05.2016


Wroclaw: Das Lokal, Krakowska 180

BauBar, Bezsennosc

Klubogaleria Neon

Other Oder


Clubcommission Berlin e.V.