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Berlin-Wroclaw Economic Conference

This year, the eyes of the world will be on Wroclaw. As part of its tenure as a European Capital of Culture 2016, the Lower Silesian city has prepared a colourful program of events. For example, the “Culture Train” (“Kulturzug”) between Berlin and Wroclaw will usher in guests from the German capital, and the walk-in multimedia installation “Luneta” – which will be set up in both cities – will enable an audio-visual exchange between the two cities. Berlin’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, known as the IHK, is also getting involved in the celebrations with the Berlin-Wroclaw Economic Conference.

Ludwig-Erhard-Haus Berlin © IHK Berlin

Ludwig-Erhard-Haus Berlin © IHK Berlin

Here, the focus will be on the cultural and creative industries as well as on the theme of smart solutions and science and tech transfer. Speakers and presenters from both cities will discuss the economic potential of their respective cities and explore opportunities for collaborative projects in the field of R&D. Existing business networks and companies with a focus on Berlin-Wroclaw will also present their work at the conference.

Entrepreneurs, companies and individuals active in business and science are invited to exchange ideas and gain more information about existing networks and development opportunities.

For more information on the programme schedule, please visit the IHK Berlin event database with the number 10785069.



Wrocław 15 °C
Berlin 17 °C






Ludwig Erhard Haus

(Conference Centre)

Fasanenstraße 85, 10623 Berlin


Berlin’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)